Soccer is a sport that cuts across all divides and generations. It unifies persons from different walks of life. The undying love most people have for soccer – both young and old can be a huge determinant of the choice of college. Scoring high on the pitch is as important as having an A-grade in an examination and this saying is deeply rooted in the heart of young adults. If you own a school and are to be on top of your game in the educational business, top-notch sports facilities, active soccer teams and regular sports events might be factors you’d like to consider.

We will take you through a comprehensive list of great soccer universities that can be found in America.


First on the list of soccer universities in America is UNC. The university prides itself with the title of being the best choice of university for women soccer. They have won many NCAA championships and most of the champions on the team that have spent about two seasons in the team have won a National Championship already. While bragging about building a state-of-the-art soccer and lacrosse field, they intend setting the price at a huge amount. This, they said, implies setting a standard for others to follow.


The match becomes hotter in San Diego as the sun shines. Both their male and female teams are worthy of commendations. This is due to their victories both home and abroad. The Triton Women’s soccer team has bagged the NCAA championships on several occasions. The university’s soccer stadium has been used in 2010 by the San Diego Chargers in the course of their training camp.


The Hoosiers, as they are called, have dribbled into the fifth spot as second-best large college, with UNC topping the list. They have gotten many recommendations from their coaches and have bagged eight NCAA Championship trophies. The sky is just the beginning for the Hoosiers, as believed their coaches.


This great soccer team has made 22 NCAA appearances, thereby increasing their chances of becoming National Champions someday. They boast of industrious and ambitious students in class and on the pitch. Creighton takes soccer seriously and makes provision for the men and women’s varsity teams annually. Seven years ago, they spent close to One hundred and sixty thousand (160,000) Dollars during their game-day. This has put them at an edge above their counterpart, UNC who only spent Seventy five thousand (75,000) dollars for the same purpose. A huge difference in figures, I must say.


FPU brags of a total of five NCAA Championships for the women’s category of the varsity’s soccer team. Each game is aired live on a local radio station. This means more spectators off the pitch. The Ravens use the Sodexo Field as a pitch. And the pitch has been used severally to host many NCAA Championships due to its good condition.


The UCLA soccer team comprises men and women. Their pitch, the Marshall Field in Drake Stadium accommodates close to 11,700 spectators all giving their full support to their team. Most push it even farther by uploading pictures of the team with hashtags. This is enough encouragement for the women to bag a trophy in the NCAA Championships.

So, mark, tackle, dribble and score your way into one of these universities if soccer is dire to you.



Life after Graduation


Graduation is a wonderful experience for every student. Finally being unleashed from the shackles of seemingly tiring classes, boring lectures and strict timetables might seem to you as the real deal but the truth is that coping with this new found freedom and educational achievement could come with a price – anxiety. Basically, college is supposedly a ground where one obtains the needed tools for career development and staying relevant in the supply chain. Life after graduation can be likened to transitioning between teenage and teenage. It makes one very inquisitive and brews certain questions like, “What do I do next?” “How do I stay relevant?” “How do I obtain financial freedom?”

However, most graduates fall into a fit of anxiety and uncertainty as graduation day approaches, knowing fully well that the ‘real world’ is farther bigger than the four walls of the school and several powers to the number ten, extremely competitive in staying relevant. “Attending college can only be worthwhile if it lands you your dream job.” Some folks would say.

On realization that the familiar people around, financial insurance and the engaging routine would one day come to a halt might be a lead to tons of worries. This transitional phase can be overwhelming. This could be because most people get emotionally attached to a place over a certain period of time which is why most of these people find it difficult leaving college than staying in college. And trying to adjust to the new status deludes their reasoning from the real opportunities and adventures that lie ahead.

Hitherto, a number of tools have been put in place to help you cope with this new phase of life, propel you towards an invigorating career and perhaps, land you your dream job:

  1. Choose a career path – work or study.

Most times, graduates are torn between pursuing further studies and applying for jobs. While others make up their mind about their career path since fresher’s day, others don’t even consider it till they toss their hats in the air on graduation day. Beyond that, what would really assist you in making your choice would be to search within yourself that activity which gives you satisfaction? You could decide to employ or be employed. No one wants to go through series of interviews and assessment tests that may end up a total disappointment and waste of time. So, you may want to be your own boss and harness your entrepreneurial skills. In other wise, if you’re passionate about lecturing, going back to school for further mentoring and tutoring would be your best bet. Moreover, it would do you well than harm to meet with a career counselor who will provide you with the answers that you seek and help streamline your search for best results.

  1. Relocate to a new environment

This is one of the best time to travel abroad or to a different geographical zone. This affords you the opportunity to make new friends and to ruminate thoroughly about your career path. Asides embracing a new culture, you also can adorn your CV to suit the taste of reputable companies. This new environment might seem impenetrable and unwelcoming at first but when you become adapted to the terrain, the possibilities that lie ahead would be unlimited. While migrating may be a first point of call for some people, you may also want to consider the opportunities present in the particular community that you have chosen and harness the chances around you to yield results.

  1. Getting a job

If you decide to work, however, do not be misguided in your adventure. The truth is, most multinational companies want to hire you because you are a graduate over a selected period of time but then this is enough time for you to brush up your skills and saturate your CV with ‘good-stuff’. Be specific about each company’s requirements. Enroll for language classes to give you an edge over other candidates. Acquire more skills and make more connections as you progress. That way, you stay relevant in the market and are a good pick for your dream job.


Universities with the hottest girls


One sure thing guys look out for in universities is a hot and beautiful girl. “The higher the frequency of hot girls in a university, the higher the demand for those universities,” some college boys would say. Days when the criteria for college selection were choice of courses, serene environment, affordable tuition and modern amenities are over, if a youngster were to select a college these days, he’d basically go for that with the highest numeric for the hottest girls around. It can be pretty gratifying to have a hot girl sit across you while studying algebra – as cool as ice, isn’t it? We have taken our time to select 5 campuses with the hottest girls – beauty, brain, sexiness and whatnot.


Situated in Malibu, Pepperdine girls have rooted interests in sports and the sun. They love to bask in the sun and get tanned in even regions. They have bagged a couple of trophies in sports especially at the Olympics. Coupled with that, their philanthropic nature is beyond attractive.


This title is not so far-fetched for the West Coast ladies. These tanned and toned ladies are widely acknowledged for their hotness. This can be attributed to their physical appearances, mental performances and sportsmanship. These girls utilize the 284 days of the glowing sun to get a good tan which they showoff at the beach on the surf team or the volleyball team. They are also ‘braniacs’ as they accrued the highest athletic GPA. They do not only love to showcase their bikini bods, they cater for homeless women around by giving them primary needs. Although these belles could be that model next door, their good-hearted nature and community service will definitely melt your hearts away.


UM girls, as they are called, are whales in a pool of fishes and are definitely beach lovers. Asides the number of attractive girls in the school, their philanthropic character is unmatched. This was proven when the University of Miami Delta Gamma girls, with the aid of UM’s eight sororities, donated some money to help construct a school in Africa. They take sports seriously and get the necessary tan with the right amount of sunlight. In academics, they are unrivalled. Most incoming freshmen hit an average GPA of 4.3 annually.


These diligent groups of girls take first impression seriously. On bid day, when pledges run home during the ‘running of the commons’ the chronology of the runners depend on the ranking of the sorority. They do not rely on attendance but on personal dignity and on scholarships. They love to tan their bods also. TCU girls are definitely not beauties alone, but brains also.


With an amazing population of female students, UC Berkeley red-flags sexual assaults and harassments by displaying the gold star and flagged groups online. This makes the ladies feel totally safe. They are not shy to help the less privileged as was the case when they raised some money for the people with Alzheimer’s syndrome.  And yes, there’s some bit of sexiness in the way they stay physically fit and socially responsible.

Although this list doesn’t do much justice to the numerous hot girls across all American universities but then this is just enough to give you an idea of what our criteria for hotness is and what you should expect if you found yourself in any of the colleges reviewed.


Christian lifestyle

Christian lifestyle



Christian lifestyle–What they say is true; college is like a small world on its own. But you must know that although it may seem so, it is not so different from the real world. In fact, college is a training ground and almost all the things you learn in there stay with you long after you leave.


In college, you have all the freedom you can get, no restrictions like when you were at home, no curfews and your parents are not there to caution or even punish you when you stray. It is quite easy for you to party all night long and pick up just any habits without fear of consequences. There is definitely nobody to dictate how you dress or who you relate with.


So college can be a difficult place for you to remain steadfast in your faith. Not only can the freedom be so tempting, you will be exposed to lifestyles and ideas that will be big challenge to your Christian faith.


All these are true about college but that does not mean you cannot graduate from college a better and more disciplined Christian.


The tips I have put together may help you incredibly.




If you want to maintain a Christian lifestyle while in college, you must seek out a Christian fellowship on campus immediately you arrive, and join up. It is not difficult to seek out these fellowships, they can be found on almost every campus and they also make effort themselves to reach out to people just like you.


However, if there are no such fellowships in your school, don’t lose hope. Immediately join a bible believing church close to your campus.


By doing this, you will strengthen your faith every day because; you will be constantly surrounded by believers just like you. Also, your learning does not stop.



You have done the first step by joining a Christian fellowship in your campus but it doesn’t end there. Endeavor also to participate in this fellowship. Join a group or department in your fellowship. You could join the choir, or the drama group, or even the bible study facilitators. If you are busy doing God’s work after school hours, there will be no time to engage in those other vices.


Although it is good to be zealous about the things of God, zeal alone doesn’t do it. You must also build good habits to go along with it. You could help yourself a lot by cultivating a habit of personal devotion, prayer, personal bible study and above all discipline. Putting much effort to groom yourself spiritually can enhance your spiritual life while in college.



Often we need someone to urge us along the right path. You are no exception. Look for a spiritual mentor on campus who you can run to for advice and encouragement, instead of exposing yourself to advices from friends and dorm mates who may not even be believers.



The bible makes it clear and it is true that bad communication corrupts good behavior. You must be wary of the friends you keep. I advise that you choose Christian friends who share the same convictions as you.



Finally, be proud and bold any day to speak up on what you stand for. Most times, young collegiate are not bold enough, so they are easily pressured into going against their own beliefs.

Don’t put yourself in that position.





Life in college is a whole new experience especially if you’re leaving home for the first time. In college you are free to make any decision about your life and surely opportunities will present themselves. Dating is one of such opportunities.


There are so many people in that small community of staff and students with different qualities. Obviously you are bound to run into someone you would like and may reciprocate those feelings as well.


If that opportunity ever presents itself, you must know that you have every right to date or decline to date anyone, and do not let anyone pressure you into it.


I have made a list of tips that can guide you;



That’s right! Be friendly with almost everyone. Put away your rudeness and sassiness and try to be nice to everyone. However, if someone starts getting too close, and you don’t want that, immediately tell them in clear words your position on that. Don’t try to string anyone along, it may end badly.



When you finally decide that you want to be in a relationship with someone, be sure what you really want. While some people may want something casual, others may want something serious. Whether you want a casual or a serious relationship, you have to state this clearly and be sure he wants the same to avoid disappointment in the end.



The worse thing that could happen to someone in any relationship is if they are not dating someone they are compatible with. You must avoid this, especially in college.


If you are really focused on making good grades and graduating with good honors, you don’t want to end up with someone who doesn’t care about books or is a big time party goer and drinker.



Take your time and get to know this person better and do not make any hasty decisions about sex.



Your significant other is probably just a student like you. Don’t expect him to buy you everything or for him to take you to fancy places. Chances are he doesn’t have all that money.



It is important that you have other friends that you can hang out with from time to time. Being with your significant other all the time will only make you become too familiar with each other. This is where boredom sets in. Also, your friends are who you could turn to when your relationship becomes sour, keep them around.


Secondly, you don’t want to appear too clingy.



You might become so engrossed in this new relationship that you will forget that you are actually in college to get a degree. Don’t forget the number one reason why you are in college. Don’t let your relationship take up all your time.



If you decide to finally have sex, do so in a safe manner. Make sure to protect yourself against STDs and even unwanted pregnancy.


If for some reasons, you have to break up with your partner, endeavor to do so gracefully and with as little drama as possible. College is a small place and there is a big chance of running into your EX every now and then, you don’t want it to be messy.

Well, good luck!

How to excel in SAT

How to excel in SAT


SAT is one important exam you need to take if you want to study abroad. Just like every other exam, you must prepare diligently in order to excel.


Unless you don’t have plans of going to college after high school, SAT is one of the two tests you have to take to get into college. What’s more is; the score you get even determines what kind of college you get into. If you’re an international student that wants to study abroad, for example in a country like United States, you need to take a SAT exam.


SAT comprises of three different sections; reading, writing and math sections. The writing section is made up of an essay section that is allotted 25mins and 49 multiple choice questions that is split between 25mins and 10mins. The reading section on the other hand is made up of 67 questions that is split between two 25mins sections and one 20mins section. Just like the reading section, the math section is split between two 25mins sections and one 20mins sections but it comprises of 44 multiple choice questions and 10 questions without options.


Note that, if you are aiming for a perfect score, you must not miss any question in the math section and can only afford to miss at most one question in the other sections as well.


This is not entirely impossible, but you only have to prepare very well. While a perfect score may be a fancy idea, it is not a pre-requisite of any institution, what’s important is to know the score you must attain to secure an admission in your institution of choice (or score you must attain to secure a scholarship, if getting a scholarship is your reason for writing SAT).



First and foremost, you must be ready to work hard for you to excel in SAT.


Have a plan

First, you must have a plan. Working hard without a plan will add very little to your improvement. You must have plans such as; where to read, what time to read, how to tackle problems and what to do in case of mistakes.


There has to be a motivation

Secondly, nothing will propel you to work as hard as you ought to except motivation. You must write down on a paper, all the reasons why you need to excel in SAT- could it be to get into a prestigious school, to study abroad, to impress or simply to feel good about yourself? Let these reasons be your motivation.


Create a schedule

Create a schedule and stick to it. Fix your study hour. This should be in a quiet place free of all kinds of distractions- friends, phone, television and whatever it is that easily distracts you.


Now practice

Begin by reading wide and building up your vocabulary. Don’t forget your post elementary mathematics.


Furthermore, practice with good quality test materials. Obtain official SAT practice test from the test provider, College Board. You could also use reliable test materials from other sources.


While practicing, you must intelligently approach every question and while doing this, learn to be time conscious. Make sure to review every question that you have failed to answer, give reasons why you failed them and take steps to avoid such errors in your next practice.



When the test day finally arrives, you must not fret and do not allow yourself to be distracted. Keep these at the back of your mind:


  • Be time conscious. Allot equal time to every question and give an extra time to crosscheck your work.
  • Do not spend much time on a question.
  • Do not read a passage too quickly. You may miss a point.
  • Always read your questions twice to avoid misreading a question.
  • Finally, always double check your answers.


How to pass TOEFL


How to pass TOEFL is  important. TOEFL exam you must take if you are intent on studying abroad especially does from non- English  speaking country. When applying to study in United States, a TOEFL certification is important and it proves your ability to communicate in English.

TOEFL is a test that determines your writing, speaking, listening and reading skills. The writing section usually lasts for about fifty minutes and involves two writing tasks. The speaking section lasts for about 60-70mins and contains 5-6 questions. The listening section on the other hand lasts for about 60-80mins and contains 6-9 passages, each having about 12 questions; likewise, the reading section. All of these may vary slightly depending on the format of the test you will be writing. TOEFL could be written as a paper based test or as an internet based test.


It is important to know that each section has a total score of 30 which gives a total score of 120 points. It is important to prepare well so you can get high scores and meet the requirements of your institution.


If you want to take TOEFL, there’s no use writing the exams without planning on scoring high, so practice the tips mentioned below and you’ll be on your way to scoring high marks in TOEFL.


Firstly, if you’re taking a paper based test or an internet based test, you won’t be getting different sets of questions. It is imperative to acquaint with the use of personal computers and how to work swiftly with it if you’ll be taking a computer-based test.


  • First and foremost, find out what type of test you will be taking, so that you can practice in line with the format.



  • Begin to prepare for this test before time by honing your English language skill. Read more books, learn how to pronounce words correctly, build your vocabulary and watch English television programs.




  • Obtain TOEFL practice tests and evaluate your ability before the test. Also make sure you time yourself when taking the practice tests. Some of these you can get on the test provider’s website. Only when you practice adequately with the samples will you become familiarized with the test and your capabilities.




  • Identify your weak points and work harder to become better. HOW TO PASS TOEFL



  • Learn how to write good essays. When you start practicing essay writing, don’t worry about time initially, but begin timing yourself as you get better.




  • Find someone who is proficient in English language to help you practice. This person may point out your mistakes.



When the day of the test finally arrives;


  • Ensure you are comfortable and that you are not distracted in any way.




  • You have to be time conscious. Your practice times before the exam should have helped you with this.



  • During the listening test, do not forget to take notes. Paper will be provided at the centers. Use these judiciously and remember to only jot down important and necessary points that will help you make summaries or answer required questions.




  • When doing the speaking test, you must try to be relaxed and as fluent as possible. For the speaking tests, you are required to have a conversational tone rather than appear to be reading.



  • In the reading test, observe all punctuations and make sure your pronunciations are clear enough.




  • For the writing test, your essays and summaries must be well structured and must convey straight forward points in short clear sentences.



  • Finally, do not use vocabulary that you are not familiar with or unsure about its usage.

Life in College




Life in college is not an easy one. There are always things to do. If you are not reading, you are working on an assignment or attending to some extra curriculum activities. College can make a crap of even the most focused student.


The trick my friend, is organization. If you can learn to organize yourself, you will be able to balance academics with other activities. I know that planning time and getting organized is really difficult for some people. But, if you must have a productive and fun time in college, you must learn to plan your time and become organized  life in college.


Here are some of the things you can do to get  life in college in order



Begin by creating a schedule. Make a list of all the lectures you have to attend that semester and all the other activities you will be involved with.


Before you begin, find out what days and time you will be attending your various lectures, club activities, religious activities and every other major activity you can think of. Get a note book that suits this purpose and make a timetable.


After you have done this, plan other minor activities around this. Don’t forget to allocate time for working on assignments, studying, working out and cleaning. Feel free to add and subtract anything. The big idea is to have a schedule – something that will guide you as well as help you manage your time.


You can draw up a new one every week or even every month, so that you can easily accommodate changes throughout the semester.



Another way to get organized and to accomplish your tasks for the day is to make a to-do-list. From your schedule, you will see the important tasks you have to do such as writing an essay, preparing for a test or making a presentation. You could make a list of these things, putting the most urgent task at the top.


Also write the deadline beside each task so that you are reminded of how urgent they are. You could just write this on a paper and pin it up or use the note App and alarm system on your smart phone. But, do not use the two at the same time to avoid confusion. I must also advice that your list be reachable anytime you want to take a look at it again.



Another way to stay organized is to wake up early every day. If you stay in bed longer than you should, your precious time will be wasted. When you finally leave your bed you will find that you have limited time to do everything you have to do for the day. At the end of the day, you don’t get most things done.



If you procrastinate on doing something, chances are you will not get that thing done until the dying minute. This will definitely give you untold stress. My advice is, don’t put off anything you know you can do then. You don’t want to lose your precious night rest doing an assignment you are to submit in the morning, all because you put off doing it for a while.



Always prepare for the day the night before. Also take a few hours on Sunday to prepare for a new week.


Finally, keep all the things you need that day where you can find them. You don’t want to waste precious time searching for things when you need them. And don’t forget to take a break.

How to Choose a Right University in USA

With over 4,000 institutions to choose from, the United States offers the most diverse and exciting range of universities anywhere in the world. But the choice can be overwhelming for international students. We have simplified the process by selecting universities and colleges very carefully to match your educational needs.

Finding the right university for you

Choosing a university may be the most important decision you have been faced with so far in your life. But, not every university is right for you. When deciding which universities to apply to, consider the following questions:

Does the university offer your program of study?

In the US your main field of study is called your ‘major.’ If you know what you intend to study, make sure you apply to universities that have strong programs in your field of interest. Use our interactive university search to quickly find and compare universities and colleges that offer a particular major, or read advice on choosing a major.

What are the university’s admissions requirements?

American university admissions requirements vary greatly. Make sure you meet the minimum academic and English Language requirements for entry to a university you are considering. Contact an advisor for guidance on choosing the best university based on your qualifications.

What are the university’s fees?

The price of an American education varies by institution. In the USA, private universities are more expensive but usually offer more individual attention and extra facilities. State universities tend to be larger, but less expensive. All of the universities we work with offer excellent value for the money. We offer reduced fees, helping to make even the most selective universities as affordable as possible.

Will you get individual attention?

Individual attention can be critical in helping you succeed in your academic courses. We only work with US universities that offer the support services you need for success. Our university partners have learning support centers, international offices, and an average ratio of 1 professor to 14 students.

Where in the United States do you want to live?

Living in the USA will be an exciting time of your life! America is a huge country and offers a vast choice of destinations within its borders. Do you want to spend your time in a big city or a quieter town? Do you want warm weather year-round or would you like to see snow in winter? Whatever your preference, we can offer guidance in choosing the best location

Is the university accredited?

American universities that meet and maintain certain standards are considered ‘accredited.’ Employers, other universities, and governments around the world only recognize degrees from accredited universities. All of our carefully selected universities have regional accreditation and many also have accredited academic programs. For business, the gold standard is AACSB accreditation, held by around 30% of US business schools.

What is the university’s ranking and academic reputation?

American publications compile a variety of unofficial university rankings and most students want to apply to the highest ranked university they are eligible for. However, when choosing a university, consider how it fits your needs, not just how highly it is ranked. Many students dream of going to Ivy League institutions such as Harvard and Yale, but entry is very selective and only 7% of applicants are accepted. We have carefully selected a range of universities. Many are in the highest categories for their main fields of study, including James Madison University for business, Manhattan College and Alfred University for engineering, and Baldwin-Wallace College for music and performing arts.

Top 10 Ways to Fund Your Study Abroad Program

Studying abroad is a dream of many students. However, the high cost of education and living, outside one’s home deters these dreams. Now a
student can dare to turn his dream into reality, as there are several ways, which he can use to fund his study abroad program. The top 10 ways are as follows:

1. Student scholarships: the best way to fund your study abroad program is through student scholarship. If you are a bright and qualified student, then you can avail the scholarship facility of various universities, high schools and other institutions. However, you need to scour out the sources that provide relevant information on the available scholarships.

2. Grants: another way to fund the study abroad program is through the grants available to students and certain institutions. Academic departments and international study centers provide grants to students that participate in study programs or research projects.

3. Financial aids: besides the scholarships and the grants, you can fund your study abroad program by availing the student loan. These loans are cheaper than the other types of loans and often have such facilities, that the student can repay the loan, once he gets a job.

4. Work or intern: working or interning can be another way to pay for a study abroad program. You can look up for jobs at the university or college, where you plan to study. You may also seek work at other places as long as the purpose is being solved.

5. Assistantships and fellowship: yet another way to pay for the study abroad program is by becoming as assistant or fellow. This way you can further your studies without having to pay too much. You can contact the schools, colleges or university, where you wish to pursue education. You can ask for an assistant’s job in your related field and this would fund your study program.

6. A short-term program: if you cannot fund the entire study program at one go, an option can be to go in for a shorter term of study program. You may take up the summer program or spring break program offered at many schools and colleges abroad. You can return to the rest of the program when you have saved enough.

7. Loans from friends and family: asking friends or relatives to help fund your program could draw flaks but asking them for loans could do the trick. You can promise to return the money when your exchange program or the study period is over.

8. Contributions from alumni associations: if you are a member of your school or college’s alumni association, you can appeal for some contributions in the college or school newsletter. This can also be a way to get in touch with your old friends.

9. Sponsorships from special institutions: there are several private organizations and clubs, which can finance the study abroad program. These organizations offer scholarships, loans and grants to worthy and qualified students.

10. Save: the last resort to fund the study abroad program is by saving for it. If you have planned your career and thus have decided upon the institution where you wish to pursue your education, then you can start early and save. You can delay your program until you have saved fully for your education. You may skip going out with friends or even ask them to gift you cash instead of “gifts” for your birthday.