How to Choose a Right University in USA

With over 4,000 institutions to choose from, the United States offers the most diverse and exciting range of universities anywhere in the world. But the choice can be overwhelming for international students. We have simplified the process by selecting universities and colleges very carefully to match your educational needs.

Finding the right university for you

Choosing a university may be the most important decision you have been faced with so far in your life. But, not every university is right for you. When deciding which universities to apply to, consider the following questions:

Does the university offer your program of study?

In the US your main field of study is called your ‘major.’ If you know what you intend to study, make sure you apply to universities that have strong programs in your field of interest. Use our interactive university search to quickly find and compare universities and colleges that offer a particular major, or read advice on choosing a major.

What are the university’s admissions requirements?

American university admissions requirements vary greatly. Make sure you meet the minimum academic and English Language requirements for entry to a university you are considering. Contact an advisor for guidance on choosing the best university based on your qualifications.

What are the university’s fees?

The price of an American education varies by institution. In the USA, private universities are more expensive but usually offer more individual attention and extra facilities. State universities tend to be larger, but less expensive. All of the universities we work with offer excellent value for the money. We offer reduced fees, helping to make even the most selective universities as affordable as possible.

Will you get individual attention?

Individual attention can be critical in helping you succeed in your academic courses. We only work with US universities that offer the support services you need for success. Our university partners have learning support centers, international offices, and an average ratio of 1 professor to 14 students.

Where in the United States do you want to live?

Living in the USA will be an exciting time of your life! America is a huge country and offers a vast choice of destinations within its borders. Do you want to spend your time in a big city or a quieter town? Do you want warm weather year-round or would you like to see snow in winter? Whatever your preference, we can offer guidance in choosing the best location

Is the university accredited?

American universities that meet and maintain certain standards are considered ‘accredited.’ Employers, other universities, and governments around the world only recognize degrees from accredited universities. All of our carefully selected universities have regional accreditation and many also have accredited academic programs. For business, the gold standard is AACSB accreditation, held by around 30% of US business schools.

What is the university’s ranking and academic reputation?

American publications compile a variety of unofficial university rankings and most students want to apply to the highest ranked university they are eligible for. However, when choosing a university, consider how it fits your needs, not just how highly it is ranked. Many students dream of going to Ivy League institutions such as Harvard and Yale, but entry is very selective and only 7% of applicants are accepted. We have carefully selected a range of universities. Many are in the highest categories for their main fields of study, including James Madison University for business, Manhattan College and Alfred University for engineering, and Baldwin-Wallace College for music and performing arts.