How to excel in SAT


SAT is one important exam you need to take if you want to study abroad. Just like every other exam, you must prepare diligently in order to excel.


Unless you don’t have plans of going to college after high school, SAT is one of the two tests you have to take to get into college. What’s more is; the score you get even determines what kind of college you get into. If you’re an international student that wants to study abroad, for example in a country like United States, you need to take a SAT exam.


SAT comprises of three different sections; reading, writing and math sections. The writing section is made up of an essay section that is allotted 25mins and 49 multiple choice questions that is split between 25mins and 10mins. The reading section on the other hand is made up of 67 questions that is split between two 25mins sections and one 20mins section. Just like the reading section, the math section is split between two 25mins sections and one 20mins sections but it comprises of 44 multiple choice questions and 10 questions without options.


Note that, if you are aiming for a perfect score, you must not miss any question in the math section and can only afford to miss at most one question in the other sections as well.


This is not entirely impossible, but you only have to prepare very well. While a perfect score may be a fancy idea, it is not a pre-requisite of any institution, what’s important is to know the score you must attain to secure an admission in your institution of choice (or score you must attain to secure a scholarship, if getting a scholarship is your reason for writing SAT).



First and foremost, you must be ready to work hard for you to excel in SAT.


Have a plan

First, you must have a plan. Working hard without a plan will add very little to your improvement. You must have plans such as; where to read, what time to read, how to tackle problems and what to do in case of mistakes.


There has to be a motivation

Secondly, nothing will propel you to work as hard as you ought to except motivation. You must write down on a paper, all the reasons why you need to excel in SAT- could it be to get into a prestigious school, to study abroad, to impress or simply to feel good about yourself? Let these reasons be your motivation.


Create a schedule

Create a schedule and stick to it. Fix your study hour. This should be in a quiet place free of all kinds of distractions- friends, phone, television and whatever it is that easily distracts you.


Now practice

Begin by reading wide and building up your vocabulary. Don’t forget your post elementary mathematics.


Furthermore, practice with good quality test materials. Obtain official SAT practice test from the test provider, College Board. You could also use reliable test materials from other sources.


While practicing, you must intelligently approach every question and while doing this, learn to be time conscious. Make sure to review every question that you have failed to answer, give reasons why you failed them and take steps to avoid such errors in your next practice.



When the test day finally arrives, you must not fret and do not allow yourself to be distracted. Keep these at the back of your mind:


  • Be time conscious. Allot equal time to every question and give an extra time to crosscheck your work.
  • Do not spend much time on a question.
  • Do not read a passage too quickly. You may miss a point.
  • Always read your questions twice to avoid misreading a question.
  • Finally, always double check your answers.