How to pass TOEFL is  important. TOEFL exam you must take if you are intent on studying abroad especially does from non- English  speaking country. When applying to study in United States, a TOEFL certification is important and it proves your ability to communicate in English.

TOEFL is a test that determines your writing, speaking, listening and reading skills. The writing section usually lasts for about fifty minutes and involves two writing tasks. The speaking section lasts for about 60-70mins and contains 5-6 questions. The listening section on the other hand lasts for about 60-80mins and contains 6-9 passages, each having about 12 questions; likewise, the reading section. All of these may vary slightly depending on the format of the test you will be writing. TOEFL could be written as a paper based test or as an internet based test.


It is important to know that each section has a total score of 30 which gives a total score of 120 points. It is important to prepare well so you can get high scores and meet the requirements of your institution.


If you want to take TOEFL, there’s no use writing the exams without planning on scoring high, so practice the tips mentioned below and you’ll be on your way to scoring high marks in TOEFL.


Firstly, if you’re taking a paper based test or an internet based test, you won’t be getting different sets of questions. It is imperative to acquaint with the use of personal computers and how to work swiftly with it if you’ll be taking a computer-based test.


  • First and foremost, find out what type of test you will be taking, so that you can practice in line with the format.



  • Begin to prepare for this test before time by honing your English language skill. Read more books, learn how to pronounce words correctly, build your vocabulary and watch English television programs.




  • Obtain TOEFL practice tests and evaluate your ability before the test. Also make sure you time yourself when taking the practice tests. Some of these you can get on the test provider’s website. Only when you practice adequately with the samples will you become familiarized with the test and your capabilities.




  • Identify your weak points and work harder to become better. HOW TO PASS TOEFL



  • Learn how to write good essays. When you start practicing essay writing, don’t worry about time initially, but begin timing yourself as you get better.




  • Find someone who is proficient in English language to help you practice. This person may point out your mistakes.



When the day of the test finally arrives;


  • Ensure you are comfortable and that you are not distracted in any way.




  • You have to be time conscious. Your practice times before the exam should have helped you with this.



  • During the listening test, do not forget to take notes. Paper will be provided at the centers. Use these judiciously and remember to only jot down important and necessary points that will help you make summaries or answer required questions.




  • When doing the speaking test, you must try to be relaxed and as fluent as possible. For the speaking tests, you are required to have a conversational tone rather than appear to be reading.



  • In the reading test, observe all punctuations and make sure your pronunciations are clear enough.




  • For the writing test, your essays and summaries must be well structured and must convey straight forward points in short clear sentences.



  • Finally, do not use vocabulary that you are not familiar with or unsure about its usage.