The Advantages Of College Study Abroad Programs

Being able to study in a different country is an opportunity that many students have these days. Taking part in study abroad programs provides more than just the opportunity to study abroad, it also provides an opportunity for students to learn the traditions and cultures of a foreign country and of course learn a foreign language. And there are quite a number of advantages of being able to study abroad. The fact that a student will be able to learn how to speak a foreign language fluently is the first of these advantages. And for a person who is fresh out of college, being proficient in a foreign language offers more employment opportunities and provides him with an edge over his fellow job hunters who have not had the training he received. The time that students spend living in a foreign country also teaches them to be more responsible and mature.

One of the main reasons why there are students that choose to study out of the country is that they want to learn how to speak a foreign language. Spanish is one of the most popular languages that students choose to learn when they are study out of the country. And this is the reason why there are a lot of students that take advantage of Study Abroad programs and opportunities. After all, the best thing that a student can do to learn how to speak a foreign language such as Spanish is to put himself in a situation where he will be forced to converse in Spanish with the locals. A student will not only learn to speak the language inside the classroom with fellow students but they will also have to use what they learned the moment they step out of the classroom.

So how can you, a student, get to participate in these kinds of study abroad opportunities? Applying for a study abroad program is actually quite easy, although after the initial application and approval there are about a hundred or so details that you need to attend to. Initially, what you can do is to visit your college or university’s placement office or student affairs office and ask if there are any study abroad opportunities that you qualify for. If there are any study abroad programs that are being offered, ask for a list of requirements as well as a list of countries and schools that your own university is affiliated with and you can begin preparing from there. Keep in mind that these opportunities do not come very often and studying abroad is not going to be easy even for the most independent of students so you have to make sure that this is something that you are going to be committed to a hundred percent.

How to choose a MS University in USA?

Why do so many international students choose to study MS in USA? Second question which boggles your mind after that is how to choose a University in USA? There are many reasons in support of the question. Maximum numbers of international students apply to USA. After China, India is the second largest country, which sends maximum number of students to America. One major factor which plays the key role in selecting USA as study abroad destination is high standards of education. But choosing a university to pursue your MS in USA is not an easy task. Before choosing any degree you should do some research work and find out that is pursuing a degree from a particular college is really worth? Here are some useful points to keep in mind while selecting a MS college in USA.

Tuition fee of MS programmes:

The tuition fee of US colleges may vary from programme to programme. The tuition fee of US Universities are much higher as compared to pursuing a MS degree from Canada or Australia. If you are planning to pursue a MS degree in USA you need to pay at least $15,000 to $25,000 per annum.

Cost of living:

Studying in a college is not just paying tuition fee of the programme. Apart from paying the tuition fee you need to spend a big amount as cost of living in US. Living in a campus may increase your cost of living there. While staying in USA you are suppose to spend at least $12,000 to $ 15,000 per annum. Students can save some money by staying off campus.

Job possibilities:

One of the most important factors while choosing a university in US is job possibilities after completion of the course. The chances of getting a job after completion of the course become higher as compared to completing a degree from Indian universities. American degrees are internationally acclaimed so you can search a job globally.

Internship during the programme:

Almost all universities in USA offer internship to students during their courses. In many programmes it is mandatory. The duration of the internship may vary from programme to programme. Internships are really important to get some practical training before landing in a job. It gives you exposure of the field and helps you in your grooming.

Length of programmes:

Duration of most of the MS programmes in America is two years. If it is a research based programme than duration of the course will remain same. To complete your MS in USA you need to spend two years.

Scholarships for international students:

If you are thinking to complete you degree from USA and worried about funds, apply for scholarships to fund your studies there. Almost all universities offer scholarships to international students. To avail scholarships you need to apply to the college before the deadlines. Many universities offer 100% tuition fee waiver to students or offer good amount to them as scholarships.

Advantages of Academics in America

Both students and employers value the status of US universities based on their reputation and their comprehensive curriculum. One more main reason drawing international students in big numbers to pursue their academics in US is the wide range of courses offered: from extremely academic subject like nuclear physics, to highly innovative courses like art and film direction.

As far as graduate students, the principal reason for opting US University is the high funding offered by them for research. The US is the number one in research spending followed by the UK.

Almost all parts of the globe recognize the credentials and qualifications earned by studying in universities and colleges in US. Usually the toppers in global university rank lists are the Ivy League institutions, eight private universities positioned in north eastern America, and other high grade US institutions like MIT, University of Stanford and California among others.

First question parents who ask, if you say about your plan to study in U.S. – How much would it cost to study in U.S.? do we have so much money to pay for it? Will they give aid for studying in U.S. Schools? and many more..

American Ethnicity

Originally, the US was discovered by Western Europe migrants alongside native peoples. An incessant stream of migrants from different parts of world has witnessed the US flourish into a huge and wide ranging country representing virtually every ethnicity and nationality. Taking into account its geography and physical size, you can spot every kind of landscape and climate in addition to varying cultures and lifestyles.

Most of the students who enter US possibly have a predetermined notion about American culture, which can be negative or positive, based on their observations from films and television. Anyway, the conventional culture in US is highly complex and wide ranging, and differs from one geographical location to the next, amidst urban and rural areas, and can be predominantly affected by the ethnic population occupying the region. Currently in spite of the social or religious background of the individuals, US culture values individualism, and self-dependence and independence are nurtured from a younger age, accomplishments are praised and competitiveness is motivated.

Travelling around America

While travelling greater distances within America, domestic air carriers will be the best option. Low fare airlines have enabled this convenience through their inexpensiveness. Greyhound, which is the long distance bus facility, is also much inexpensive, but consumes longer travel time. Amtrak provides the interstate train services, although considering the geographic dimension of the US; it is chiefly used in densely populated states in north-east, where the distances are significantly low. While commuting to neighboring states, car rentals are popular mode of travel.